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Learn to Recite Holy Quran with Beautiful Voice

Among other miracles of Quran, one miracle is that the recitation of this Holy Book has a huge effect on the heart of a person, regardless of whether a person recites the Quran himself or listens to the recitation of any other person. It is necessary for every Muslim to listen carefully to the recitation of Holy Quran. If you hire a good Quran Teacher,  you will get to know about the miraculous aspects of Quran Recitation.

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 Imam Ibn al-Qayyim once said: “To take pleasure in a good voice is acceptable, as is taking pleasure from a beautiful landscape, such as mountains or nature, or from a nice smell, or from good food, as long as it conforms to the Sharia (Islamic Law). If listening to a good voice is haram (forbidden), then taking pleasure in all these other things is also haram.”

Holy Quran is a very unique and powerful book and it contains lots of knowledge. The words and teachings of Holy Quran have a deep effect on the heart of every person. Listening to video and audio Quran Recitations is very important for learning Tajweed. Learning to recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed is of great importance as it is the real way of pronunciation of the Arabic language and the Holy Quran.

Special attention must be paid to Tajweed while reciting the Holy Quran. Although every Muslim should recite the Holy Quran in a beautiful voice, but this does not mean that those who are unable to recite the Holy Quran Online in an exquisite voice will not get the reward of Quran Recitation. But a Muslim must work hard to make the Quran Recitation as beautiful as possible.