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Tips For Selecting Effective Keywords for Your SEO Campaign

An effective keywords research is the factor, which makes or breaks your SEO campaign. If you don’t go with the right selection of keywords, then your whole campaign can turn out to be just a waste of time with no productive results.

If you select a keyword, which in your thinking, was getting 500,000 searches per month, but suddenly the keyword falls to 1000 searches per month, then what would you do? Of course, you can do nothing, and your whole efforts in PPC campaign are all gone in vain, just because of a single mistake of selecting wrong keywords.

Below are a few tips, which can help you in effective selection of a keyword.

Top 10 Competitors in SERPs:

The first thing to do is to analyze the top 10, competitors for your keyword in the SERPs. Pay special attention to their page rank (PR), and the number of back links their page is receiving. The higher the page rank, and the more the number of backlinks, makes it a hard competition to beat. So, select a keyword, where there is low competition, and where you can break through the competition.

Tailed Keywords:

In the search, a long tail keyword can get an effective conversion rate compared to a single word. Like the word ‘dog’ will definitely be searched more, but will have low conversion rate because the searcher is not focused. On the other hand, the key phrase ‘training puppy dog’ will have low search, but better conversion rate, because searcher is focused in his search.

Exact Match vs. Broad Match:

To assess the level of traffic a keyword would bring use the exact match, because it will give you an exact picture of how much traffic your keyword would generate, while a broad match will give you a blotted picture.

Google Tools:

Make use of Google tools, like Google Insight and Google trends, they will help you in initial selection of keyword, as well as in later part for developing a strategy around your keywords.


In a nutshell, selecting a right keyword or key phrase is what predicts the outcome of your SEO campaign, so when selecting keywords, keep the above mentioned tips in mind.


Choosing A Web Design Firm Won’t Be Difficult After Reading This

Web design
With the great influx of website design companies online, it can sometimes become very frustrating for an upcoming business, while hiring a company to create their online presence. The question on the mind of business owners is which company to trust with their hard-earned money? Which company will guarantee product delivery within the deadline while providing the best value for money? If the businesses follow the below mentioned points, it will ensure that they get to hire the best web design firm out there:

  • The first thing the business owners need to clarify to themselves is what goals and outcomes are they trying to achieve through their website? If the question is clarified in time, they will have much better results when searching for a web design firm.
  • It is very important to conduct a market survey to assess the companies having a successful growth in the past. It is best to be aware of the success of the company and keep the affordability factor in mind when making a final decision for hiring a company.
  • It is important to know that they website designed by a specific company is reliable in design and the features added to it will not hinder the visitors in any way. Furthermore, if there is a need for assistance from the website design company in the long run, the company hired should be worthy of establishing long-term business relationship.

The chosen website company should have years of successful history of customer satisfaction and large number of projects completed in the time span. As experienced web companies not only have years of experience, but also a good reputation preceding them.

Impact of Higher Ranking on the Bottom line of a PPC Campaign

Most of the clients believe that a higher position in the PPC procedure yields higher results, this is not the case, rather higher, and good results are dependent on keyword performance other than anything else.
Pay per Click Management
Though one of the byproduct of a PPC marketing campaign is higher SEO ranking, but the ultimate objective should be to increase profit, and not just focus on increasing the ranking of your website.

The profit is increased by decreasing the cost per click, and increasing the conversion rate. When this is the scenario, most of the clients will insist on increasing the keyword position, to capture additional leads, in the same price. This is a strategy, which a PPC manager should advise against, under are the reasons of doing so.

  • By increasing bids on non-branded top performer key words, you will experience a decrease in efficiency, because it will mildly increase the number of leads, but will increase the cost per lead substantially.
  • Investing in non-branded keywords will have no impact on growth, instead it will lower your conversion rate, which shall not be the case in any situation, and high conversion rates should never be compromised.
  • The reason for the decrease in the conversion rate is because of the fact that, the high number of clicks, which you are collecting now, are non converting ones. Clicks, which don’t convert, are useless in any PPC campaign; hence, they affect the performance of a campaign.

Bottom Line:

In a nutshell, though a higher ranking looks tempting and glamorous, but is never the guarantee of fruitful bottom line; in fact it may harm the results of your bottom line. The clicks in lower ranking are cheaper, so a company can afford cheaper clicks in high number, compared to low and expensive clicks at a higher ranking.

Impact of Higher Ranking on the Bottom line of a PPC Campaign

Keeping the Sky Rocketing Website Costs under Check

Large scale as well as small businesses are especially careful when spending money from their limited budget. The website developing and designing costs can put a small business under much strain, while they struggle to make ends meet and survive in the tough competitive market environment. It is important for the small and large businesses to hire the expertise of a website design company, but what needs to be checked before hand is the amount of capital involved before getting into any binding contract.

Conserving Capital

The first thing business owners need to decide is the bare minimum requirements for their online representation, without any unnecessary and useless addition, which has no monetary value to the business and only increasing the overall costs. They should also decide on the amount that will be allocated for the best website design and development. If the minimum requirements of the business are easily fulfilled with the limited budget, they can think about adding the complimentary elements that add to the overall outlook and presentation of the website.

Website Update and Maintenance Costs

The businesses should be careful not to overlook the long-term implications related to website update and maintenance expenditures that can cost them heavily. In order to save money, they should look for a website design company dealing with website design, development, and maintenance services, by charging a nominal monthly fee. The businesses can also opt for content distribution websites, which are easy to maintain and update, without any real professional help required.