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Simple Steps to Type Urdu On Facebook

Facebook is a social networking Website which is used by most of the internet users. Urdu is 3rd most spoken language. People who can speak Urdu sometimes wish to send their messages in Urdu language but find it difficult to type Urdu there.

Following are some simple steps to Type Urdu on facebook or anywhere on internet.
i) Visit The Following Website.
Type Urdu

ii) The Above Website has phonetic Keyboard which means easy typing. To Type “Alif” just press “A” or to Type “Bay” press “B” and so on.

iii) When you are finished typing, There is a button saying “Select All”. Click on the button and it will select your typed text.

iv) Right Click on the selected text and click copy.

v) Now just Go the Facebook ( or anywhere where you want to paste the text) and Right click and click on paste option. Your typed Urdu Text will be pasted.

I hope it will help you to promote Urdu language and will be easier for you to type Urdu.