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The Need and Benefits of Call Tracking Pertinent to PPC Campaign

Business that do not avail the Call tracking service of Google AdWords, miss on a great opportunity of making their PPC campaign effective and efficient.

Call tracking is a tool, which can be used in adjacent with an AdWords campaign to track the number of calls a keyword brings in. This tool is increasingly gaining importance in the whole PPC management process. The need and advantages of call tracking are discussed below:

The Need:
Businesses, which do not receive any type of calls relating to information required on their product or services, have no use for this tool. However, the businesses that spend on PPC campaigns, and receive frequent call inquiries, need to have this tool. Businesses, especially in lead generation, this tool is of critical importance.

If users find a lead generation website, then the company is bound to receive many inquiry phone calls, and these calls can be potential sales. Therefore, for the authenticity of a sale, it needs to be traceable. Hence, if a business has subscribed to call trace feature, then it can easily trace back the calls, and can analyze which keyword is producing more calls compared to others in a PPC campaign.


The major benefit of call tracking tool, is that it gives authenticity to your reporting process. By keeping track of calls, a business knows the number of calls that turned into sales. If, the track is not maintained, then it creates ambiguity in the reporting process, as if which call was a sale, and which keyword generated that specific call.

Other benefits of this tool are, identifying which keyword generated the call, duration of call, play back feature, callers number, and the data of missed and received calls.


In a nutshell, the effectiveness and productivity of a PPC campaign can be measured by call tracking tool. As conversion rate is what PPC is about, so by using call tracking, a business can keep an eye on the effectiveness of the conversion rate.