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Updates in Major Social Media Platforms During the Previous Week

Social media is the most happening media on the internet. Millions of users share information, and carry out discussions on social media; hence, the monitoring authorities of these social networks need to be more dynamic and agile.Every social media platform has updates every now and then; a few of the major updates of this week are as follows:

Google: Google has also made quite a few changes to its social media platform; Google+. The changes made by Google+ are:

  • Google has launched the Business Pages for its members. Now, the brands on Google+ can optimize their social media marketing by creating their business page, and interacting with their customers.
  • The next update is of Google+ badges, with Google+ badges, a customer can now easily subscribe to a particular brand, and share its content.

LinkedIn: The influential business-to-business, social media platform of LinkedIn also launched a few updates. Which are:

  • LinkedIn has introduced the Analytics feature for groups. Now, before joining a group you can see the statistics of the group such as, growth, demographics, and the level of activity.
  • The other update on LinkedIn is the LinkedIn Events feature; with this feature now, you can easily track and find the event of your choice, besides that you can also interact with people attending the event.

Buffer: Buffer has launched a user friendly dashboard, now buffer users can update the same post to both their twitter and Facebook account, or they can update it to one of them.

Social media is the most dynamic media, and due to ever-rising competition with new firms entering, and old platforms retaining their superiority, changes are bound to happen frequently on social media. For this reason, keeping a close eye on the social media updates in necessary.