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Breaking Down of a General Marketing Process and its Implementation

Marketing is a tricky field, whether it be simple on field marketing, or be it online marketing. Marketing is all about creating value, marketers might deceive you by creating high value of an ordinary task, and hence you end up paying more for the task.
This writing gives you the marketing steps, and how these marketing steps ca
n be applied, on different online internet marketingprocedures. The key steps involved in a marketing procedure are:
1.      Research
2.      Produce
3.      Promote
4.      Report

Now we can apply these steps on different online marketing techniques for the purpose of illustration.

Link Building:
Applying the research process on this technique, we get:

Research:The research is done on getting the link prospects, like the places that can be targeted for acquiring links.

Produce:The next step is to produce such kind of competent content, so that it meets the requirements of potential link prospects.

Promote:Once the qualified content is developed, then the process of promoting your website starts by acquiring links. Either guest posting, submitting to article directories, emails or link requests, etc, can do it.

Report:A report can be compiled by analyzing the number of backlinks, Page Rank, Ac Rank, etc.

Breaking down the process of SEO on same marketing process, we get:

· Research: The research is done on selecting the right keyword.
· Produce: The production process entails the onsite optimization.
· Promote: The keywords are then promoted by link building.
· Report: The report is based upon the ranking of the website,and the traffic it receives.

Don’t let marketers fool you, and charge you more for a simple process. Every procedure in online marketing is based upon the same marketing process, so before analyzing the value of any online marketing technique, apply the same marketing process to it, to get an idea about the right value of the technique.


Flourishing Social Media Marketing By Means Of Mental Triggers

From the time human determined that they can control the minds of others by tempting to certain needs and desires, found the way to seed their messages with strong words to force people to act in a certain behavior. History is witness that propagandists, dictators, coaches, managers enthused the emotions of their audience and imposed their authority on others.

That was the power of words, which motivated the audience to act in the same way as planned. Many reputed social media marketing services are utilizing its power and gaining dreamy outcomes. Till the day it is mystery that perhaps remains so, how actually human mind works in certain conditions. But there are many myths and some proved things about conscious thought processes and subconscious tendency, that human mind can be selective about what it consciously responds to, and ignore all other stimuli that are not relevant.

The mind can be tuned in to a particular stimulus to respond, that is done with the help of triggers. Social media is all about doing a similar challenge to market your brand and force people to attract towards your offers. A single post produced by person in a day can spreads within minutes, to friends, family, and then their friends and so on. Social media marketers counterbalance the human minds with the help of keywords, if these are really well defined. Mental triggers can help you to maneuver the audiences toward a desired set of actions and eventually boost up your business.